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Downtimes lead to good times; AwardStage V2.0 is go!

As a team, AwardStage has always been passionate about the product. It began life as a custom offering, and has grown and developed into a highly rated, comprehensive tool for awards management across every kind of industry. We're super proud of our positive user comments and ratings, but we would never rest on our laurels! So, it's with great excitement that we can announce the rollout of AwardStage V2.0 - an upgrade that will provide users with a wealth of new and improved features, many of which have come directly from YOU, our clients. This important upgrade to the platform, includes:

  • Ability to create separate pages in entry forms
  • Improved, and even-more-super-elegant UI for the form builder
  • Word limits on text boxes
  • Addition of ‘submit’ button for entrants, directly from their entry form
  • Enhanced customisation options to entrant registration form

The team has worked hard to minimise disruption during the launch and beyond, and we would love your feedback on the new features in due course. And, as always, keep those suggestions coming for future releases!

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